Typewriters? Esoteric spirituality? Grim, Malthusian collapse? Magick?

06 Feb 2018

What, me worry?

Don't let this get ya down, but we are facing the collapse of this global civilization. Live with honor, give all the love you can, and enjoy the precious time you have in health and wealth. Then you won't be mad later! :D

15 Jan 2017


I'd like to explain how to make an intelligent guess about where north, south, east and west are. It's more useful than you think.

21 Nov 2016

Here and now

I've been getting into Zen. I love how merciless it is. No belief in anything.

03 Jun 2016

A metaphysical history of my trip reports

I only knew the days were magic. And I valued them far more than money. I couldn't think of anything else to do with them other than relive them as best as I could. So I would come home, and take myself through the day again in my imagination. It was very important to be completely honest...

15 Mar 2015

A GIS workflow

The diagram shows my understanding of the technologies and how they fit together to make a powerful GIS.

08 Nov 2014

The climbing gym is fun

I've been having a great time lately in the climbing gym. With Jaro, Josef or Hannes, we go in the morning and work some routes.

14 May 2012

Untersberg adventure hike

Danno and I had a full day to go hiking, which is unusual for both of us. It's been an unusual spring, with lots of snow even at relatively low elevations.

16 Apr 2012

Interesting Dream

Lately I've been working on the topic of lucid dreaming, dream interpretation, and just generally remembering and recording the experiences from that inner world. For reasons of my own, I'm approaching the problem with these fundamental axioms...

04 Mar 2012

Great skiing day

Last weekend Kris and I took the boys skiing, they hadn't been in a year and it would be their first time at a real ski area with lifts.

02 Jun 2011

Alpspitze with Brecht

A morning hike in foggy weather with Brecht, who I just met. He studies Ornithology (birds, to the layman) and had some neat stories. He got some good pictures too.

10 Oct 2009

A song for Rowan

A few weeks ago Rowan came home with a drawing of a butterfly. I was playing the piano when he showed it to me, trying to grok the chord progressions of Wintersun, my current favorite band. I made this little song from that dual inspiration. Check it out here. If you can’t understand the lyrics, here they are:

20 Sep 2009


Aside from a year in Houston, my Mom and I lived in Huntsville during my elementary school years. She was trying to earn her degree as a teacher, and raise me at the same time as a single Mom. She already had three (mostly) grown children, and so aside from some periods where my sister Tamara came to stay for a while it was mostly just us. The way Mom found to make a living brought a lot of fun and excitement to my life and that's what I'd like to share today.

14 Apr 2009

Fun times in Riva

Kris, the boys and I packed up early Friday morning and drove down to Riva del Garda, a great little town on the north end of the Garda Lake in Italy. It's a good four hour drive, but the trade off is that you get to a place where it's usually warm and sunny. Although I can't complain, the weather in Germany had been great for more than a week.

22 Feb 2009

Tamara besucht uns!

Tamara found a last minute ticket deal that allowed her to come for two weeks of fun. She cooked us an amazing meal, she brought us mustard direct from Paris, she went to Venice with me, and other sundry fun items!

11 Feb 2009

Summitpost Bulk Uploader

Last night I burned the midnight oil to finish a code project I've been working on since Christmas. It's a bulk uploader for Summitpost.org, a beloved site for many mountain climbers and hikers around the globe. Despite a snazzy Web 2.0 interface, there is still no possibility to bulk upload pictures. Therefore, creating a content page on your favorite mountain or climbing route can become an exercise in manual drudgery once you upload more than 10 pictures or so.

10 Dec 2008

Good night Rowan

I’m in Boston for the week, but Kris just sent the cutest thing. Here is Rowan’s good night catechism:

11 Nov 2008

St. Martin's Day

Today was St. Martin's Day. Kids all over Germany make paper lanterns and go out in the night. At our Kindergarten they re-enacted the story of St. Martin. A poor, sick man was by the side of the road, very cold. St. Martin was a knight on a powerful horse, with armor and a beautiful red cape. The man asked him for help. In response, he tore his cape in half, and gave half to the sick man. That is the story of St. Martin.

09 Nov 2008

Two hikes with the boys

In the last week I went on two great hikes with the boys. First was on Breitenstein, with Angie, Josef, Felix, Helga and Evelyn. We were a big group! But the boys felt right at home, holding Josef's hand, or Helga's or Evelyn's at different times.

07 Nov 2008

Alps versus Cascades

Recently on a Summitpost forum we were talking about the Alps and the Cascades. I spent a few minutes outlining my thoughts...

22 Oct 2008

The Martinswand

Dan P. and I had the day to climb. With recent snowfall, we needed to stay at lower elevations, preferably south facing. I chose the Martinswand. I'd been there once before to climb a via ferrata which was kind of blech. Sorry, but it's just not a mountain experience when you are endlessly pulling yourself up metal cables, not touching rock at all!

22 Oct 2008

Lago di Garda

We went to Gardasee for 3 days, for our first camping trip with the boys. It was great! We stayed at a campground right on the beach in Riva di Garda.

19 Sep 2008

The Wallbergbahn

On the first weekend Mom came, I took her and the boys to Tegernsee, where we rode the Wallbergbahn up that mountain to a restaurant. It was Sunday morning, and there is a beautiful little chapel up there...

19 Sep 2008

Mom and I visit the Dolomites (briefly!)

On the way home from Florence, the weather was too good to miss a driving trip to the Dolomites. Just north of Bolzano we turned east and rapidly climbed up into the mountains. We were hungry for quite a while, but also in a hurry to make it to the Pordoi Pass in order to take a lift up to the Pordoi Spitze. This peak has an amazing 360 degree view of surrounding mountains. Finally we found a little fast food stand (there are surprisingly few of these, in fact the area seemed kind of deserted), and got a hamburger and a Panini sandwich.

19 Sep 2008

Bad Hindelang

Mom, Kris, the boys and I stayed in Bad Hindelang for 5 days. This is in the Allgäu Mountains of Germany/Austria. We were just on the German side. They are not very high, and in our area were mostly forested peaks with outcroppings of limestone. But nearby they get pretty exciting. It's a beautiful area where, especially in winter, you can find real solitude (despite what everyone says, yes it's true, even in Germany!).

07 Sep 2008

Florence with Mom

During the Middle Ages, Florence became very wealthy because of wool. The Arno River was shallow near the city, and good for carting and dyeing wool. Then bankers appeared, like the Medici family. They charged ~25% interest to use their banks, and this was the sin of usury at the time. So they had to plow many profits into the church. A patron economy for the arts sprang up from that, and a very competitive, very productive period began that would last for hundreds of years. Florence was THE place for art, and money too. It was bigger than Paris and London in those days.

01 Jul 2008

Munich half-marathon

With some folks from work, I ran in the half-marathon Sunday. Dreading the occasion a little bit, because I've slacked off on any running for the last month or so. The combination of hot weather and visit from Kris's parents gave me a lot of excuses! So I knew it would hurt a bit.

22 Apr 2008

Ski touring is fun

I'm happy to report that finally, after two years of effort, ski touring has entered my blood. I can ski well enough now that I hardly ever fall down in a tangle of arms and legs. I do my share of kick turning, which means my descents aren't as joyful as those of a real skier. But I've found a sweet spot with it.

27 Sep 2007

Worlds best Dad is gone

My Dad, Thomas F. Soare died Tuesday September 25, 2007 after a long fight with throat cancer. He was the greatest husband my Mom could have. He was the best Dad I could have.