So if you read Kris’s blog you know she loves to make socks. She made me a beautiful pair of purple/red socks before Christmas. I wish I’d taken them to Texas and Hawaii to show people. I never saw socks like them! She worried that they were too colorful or something, but I think it’s neat to have colorful socks. They are mostly my “House Socks.” In fact, although I haven’t done it religiously, I’m hoping to establish a ritual whereby I come in the door and the boys help me change into my “House Socks.” It’s kind of like Mr. Rogers. You know how he would come in and change into a sweater and different shoes? My mom said I loved that show when I was little. Somehow I have a deep need to make such a ritual. I think it should also involve a cup of tea.

Another pair of socks is on the way! These are dark green and blue. They are thicker and softer. I got to wear one for a few minutes. It was nice.

One thing you need to think about. If you decide to make socks, be wary of the sheer size of the area between your heel and the point where the top of your foot meets the leg. That diagonal is, frankly, far more massive that you’d expect. Kris had to start over on one pair because of this. Maybe it’s just on me.