We are in Zermatt for the week with an amazing view of the Matterhorn out our window. But today it’s clouded over, and the family is huddling under blankets. Brr! We need the sun! We are staying right across the street from the 400 year old house/barns of the old town center. The houses seem to huddle together for warmth. I couldn’t imagine living here in the 17th century!

Once we learned to buy groceries and not go out for exorbitant meals we started having fun :-). The Glacier Express train was really nice (and really expensive). We spent Thursday night in Chur, and it was kind of a shock. From the train station we walked to our hotel which was in the middle of the “red light district.” Oh. The web site made it look like a charming Swiss villa! But there were strip clubs and “sex cabins,” and noisy bars with people watching the soccer game. I never expected that in Switzerland! Rowan slept with Kris and I, thought I should put “slept” in quotes. He was so excited to sleep with us that he beamed and grinned and squealed for at least an hour. Then he tossed and turned violently. Apparently Elijah slept like a log with Kris’s parents.

The boys traveled really well on the trains. One thing kind of funny, is the way Elijah says “hello” to everyone. He just boldly starts saying hello until they finally answer. People try to ignore him but he doesn’t let them. Then he says “bye.” Our Elijah, forcing the world to be more civil! I think maybe he does that to relieve the anxiety of being among lots of strangers: turn them into friends.

Kris is knitting me socks from yarn that she spun herself. One sock is done and it’s awesome.