Let’s see, haven’t posted anything here in a while, but I’d like to get back to blogging. Recent news is that we got a lot of snow here in Munich. At the Google office in Munich I work in the attic, with a slanted window right next to my desk (I have to crouch to go around the desk). It’s been dark the last few days because of all the snow piled up over the window. Recently it started melting, and sudden avalanches ran down the roof, exposing more of the sky. The cafeteria windows were packed with snow, giving the impression of being inside a glacier. Fun stuff!

I’ve also been climbing a lot in the gym lately, and today I had a mini-breakthrough, only impressive to me. I managed to lead a UIAA 8- route (5.11c) without resting, which was really fun. What really seemed to help was visualizing every move one day a week before when I was sick at home. Incredibly, I did much better after that because I accurately remembered the sequences and positions for each difficult move. The route is called “Terraforming,” and will likely be taken down soon. Now I’m working on a grade 8 route (~5.11d - 5.12a) where I’ve got all the sequences, and I plan to visualize the hell out of it in order to get the lead. It’s gotten to where I can lead every grade 7 (5.10d) route without resting, though sometimes I don’t get them on the first try. I also credit doing lots of bouldering over the past few months, that has done a lot for my technique.

Work has been really fun. Assembly language galore!

Yesterday I had a lucid dream and of course, I flew all over the place. So much fun. I think that’s the third or fourth lucid dream since I started trying to learn that skill.

I also quit Facebook about a week ago. Man, I’m getting a lot of time to work on projects! A Summitpost API project is in the works with Matt over at SP.

So, life is good ‘round here.

EDIT: Just discovered this excellent link about climbing hard. It mirrors a lot of my own findings but teaches me a few new tricks too.