Thursday and Friday I took vacation days to do something with the kids. Kris went to Frankfurt to give a weightlifting seminar on Saturday. At first I was ambitious, planning to drive to Italy for camping. But the bad weather and long winter continues this year. Then a ski vacation seemed really expensive. Sigh! It’s so much easier for me to make “guy plans” when we have good weather.

So it’s been more of a hanging around the house kind of vacation. We’ve had a good time though. Today, Saturday, has been the epicenter of laziness. Movies and videogames today, the highlights being “The Hobbit,” and Minecraft respectively. We are total beginners at Minecraft, but having fun digging ourselves down into tunnels we can’t escape from! Thursday we were pretty active, riding our bikes down to the Thalkirchen climbing gym and bouldering for a couple of hours. After some lunch, we rode back to Marienplatz and took the train out to Lollihop in the western suburbs. I chased the boys around in there for a while, scaring them pretty good a couple of times. We made it home for a late dinner. Friday I went bouldering for a while, then we went to the huge indoor pool in Erding with 18 slides. This was good fun, until a problem occurred: I was sitting and reading a book when Elijah appeared crying and bleeding a lot! He had cut his lip and chipped a tooth by slipping on a stairway in the slide complex. Oh man…we followed a trail of blood back to a first aid station. All that was from his lip! But then the bleeding stopped and he wasn’t really hurt any more, thank goodness. We hurried home and then to an emergency dentist appointment, waiting for a couple of hours. They were able to make a filling for his tooth, and he was very brave in the chair with all the gears and lamps and whining sounds! I’m not sure what we’ll do tomorrow, but we’d better leave the house. It’s tough when it’s just cold and cloudy outside…I’m really weak at being inspired by anything other than good weather. I’m bummed to pass that on to my boys but it’s hard to avoid. Good weather: hiking, climbing, skiing, even lazing by a lake. Bad weather: reading, movies, games, napping!