10 Oct 2009

A song for Rowan

A few weeks ago Rowan came home with a drawing of a butterfly. I was playing the piano when he showed it to me, trying to grok the chord progressions of Wintersun, my current favorite band. I made this little song from that dual inspiration. Check it out here. If you can’t understand the lyrics, here they are:

A butterfly from the northlands

Came down on tired wings

Bearing tidings of woe and pain.

Trolls from the eastern hills,

Surprised our host.

One hero held them off,

Rowan was his name.

Rowan cared for the Old Ones,

Kind and open-hearted,

Calming the fears of the younglings

As the host arrived.

With ring of steel and battle cry,

His men stood firm.

Ever nearer pressed the Host,

They breached the Outer Wall.

Though their Age has ended,

Signs of truth remain:

When you see a butterfly,

Rowan was his name.

Rowan was his name.

Rowan likes it a lot and is always playing the piano version. We’ll see if he can stand my horrible singing! :-)