25 Sep 2011

Anna K. and I record a song

Anna is on the left…

Back in July, Kris, the boys and I went on a long hike in Italy. The first night we stayed at the Grasleitenhütte, beautifully nestled in the Rosengarten Dolomites. We met Anna K., a student who was spending the summer there. She was playing guitar and singing in the common room. I played along for a while, and we agreed to meet one day to play more music. Amazingly, that happened on Saturday, when she and a friend Julia came to Munich for Oktoberfest. I had a terrible cold, so I had to keep my distance, but we managed to record Anna playing guitar and singing, and Julia played the intro on guitar as well.

That was a fun meeting! Also fun to hear about Julia’s adventures as a firefighter (more to come I’m sure). Later, I added two more guitar parts, and sadly had to throw away Anna’s part which was great but I recorded it way too loud. Julia’s part is just too quiet, darn it. Play louder girl! So what survives is Anna’s vocals, and a rythym guitar.

Big thanks to Julia and Anna for stopping by. Hope to meet again sometime. Anyway here is the song:

Hallelujah by ripsawridge

If you click on the song to go to the soundcloud site you can download the mp3. Seems like great surroundings produce great people :).

The Grasleitenhütte