16 Sep 2011

Elijah's Song

As part of learning how to use the Korg MS-20 synthesizer, I made this instrumental song last night. The drums are from GarageBand, but all the other sounds are from multiple MS-20 monophonic vintage synths!

Today I added some lyrics, and got some sounds from Elijah (at the beginning) and Rowan (he says “Elijah” in the middle of the song). Click here to listen to this song. Some of the vocal effects are from GarageBand, but interestingly, others come from routing the vocals through the MS-20 patch bay, which I see as just the beginning of some fun exploration using that unit in wild ways.

Just for review, the Rowan of the Hills song is still available. I made this almost two years ago, and am happy to finally pay the debt to Elijah of making his song too!

There is also an instrumental version of the Elijah Song available here for your dance mixes! :D