17 Aug 2011

Finally made the video

It took a few days, but with the able help of Kwansei we made this video of me playing the Incantations Part 3 solo. I overlayed the video with snippets of the sheet music I uploaded for my previous blog entry:

Michael playing “Part 3” of Incantations from michael stantonon Vimeo.

I hope I didn’t butcher the song too greatly. As I said in the last entry, intonation is kind of a problem. I altered the guitar part a bit here and there to avoid high notes on low strings, where the problem is worse. Kwansei recorded me twice, so I had two videos to splice together, but I just took the soundtrack from one video. I couldn’t resisted embedding a few photos from my weekend trip to the Wilder Kaiser mountains.

Thanks to Kwansei for the help, and the rest of the family for putting up with my constant practicing! Thanks to Mike Oldfield for an amazing song from an incredible album.