11 Feb 2009

Summitpost Bulk Uploader

Click on the screenshot to visit the documentation and download page

Last night I burned the midnight oil to finish a code project I’ve been working on since Christmas. It’s a bulk uploader for Summitpost.org, a beloved site for many mountain climbers and hikers around the globe. Despite a snazzy “Web 2.0” interface, there is still no possibility to bulk upload pictures. Therefore, creating a content page on your favorite mountain or climbing route can become an exercise in manual drudgery once you upload more than 10 pictures or so.

First I wrote the tool on the Mac in Python with wxWidgets for the GUI. But deployment was a real pain, and I didn’t feel I had sufficient control over the UI. So I re-wrote it in C++, also with wxWidgets. Right now I have a Windows version, but it shouldn’t be too hard to port it to the Mac in the future.

Documentation and download information is here. There is a discussion page over at Summitpost already getting some interesting responses.

It’s been a fun hobby project. Especially because I believe a lot of people will want to use it. That is very motivating!