15 Jun 2001

Fortress and Chiwawa Mountains

June 15, 2001

A handful of pictures from a really long day trip. Chris, Jake and I climbed well over 8000 feet in a day, driven forward by the amazing scenery in this forgotten area of the Cascades.

A bunch of these pictures were lost over the years…

This is Buck Mountain from the trail into Chiwawa Basin. There is a 5th class climb up the glacier and into the rock band on the skyline. Let’s go!

We are on our way to Fortress Mountain, partially hidden by cloud.

Jake took this picture of Chris and I standing on the summit of Fortress.

Chris is climbing down some steep snow while Jake waits his turn. The scramble up Fortress Mountain was pretty exciting!

Another shot coming down from Fortress Mountain. Jake observes and Chris climbs down on the left.

Jake and Chris hurrying down for the next climb.

Chris kicking his way up Chiwawa. I later went up the slope behind the rock on the skyline, while Jake and Chris took a more direct gully.

Jake making the final steps to the summit of Chiwawa. Fortress and the DaKobed Range are behind him.

The Bulldozer, happy that we didn’t get screw-ad on our climb!

Here is Bonanza Peak and the Isella Glacier. North Star Mountain is on the left, and the Lyman Glacier is directly below us, here on Chiwawa Mountain’s summit.

Here is Jake on his way down from Chiwawa.