27 Sep 2001

Lundin Peak East Ridge

September 27, 2001

Peter and I had a few hours before work, so we met at a park-n-ride around 4 am. Bleary-eyed, and wondering what the hell we were doing, we drove to Snoqualmie Pass and stumbled out. A long somnolent stumble up Commonwealth Basin took us to Red Pass. The area was dusted with nice, sleepy new snow. I followed Peter up to a false summit of Lundin, and looked across at the still-snoring true summit. Peter set up a rappel down an exposed gully, and wrapped me in swaddling clothes for my descent. At the bottom, I unhooked from the rope and took my blanket over to a narrow ridge to wait. He fell asleep while coiling the rope, so I carried him a ways along the ridge, snoring like a baby! This tuckered me out, so I crawled into his backpack for a nap. He was looking for me at the belay for the short, easy pitch below the summit! Little did he know I was safely coddled right there! With a start, I awoke and silently belayed him on the rock step. On the summit, Peter set up a hauling system and I unclipped the big bolts as I was lifted even with them.

Lundin Peak from a false summit

Peter coming around the mountain, driving 6 white horses Looking back to Red Pass Memorial to a fallen climber (placed by the WAC) Michael signing the register

Peter and I, ready for work

After a short nap, I was feeling tired, and wanted a nap. It was like a dream up there. I think we bounded down the south face, bouncing on the pillowy, velvet rocks. I heard giggling all the way to the car, where we got some real rest on the way back. G’night!