13 May 2001

Dragontail Peak

Steve, Chris and I hiked up to Colchuck Lake, thinking to climb the North Buttress Colouir route on Colchuck Peak. But Steve’s ankle was injured, and he turned back. Chris and I kept going, but gave up on the route due to the great heat and sugary snow. We continued up the glacier and climbed Pandora’s Box. We would have continued on to Dragontail’s summit, but we ran out of time. Mostly because I’m a slowpoke!

The classic view of Colchuck Peak from the lake. This is the North Buttress Colouir. It faces east, and receives sun very early. Best to start climbing it before dawn this late in the season, perhaps. Clowning around on the Colchuck Glacier. Wow…sure is steep!

Here is the gully you climb above Colchuck Col

Chris on the summit of Pandora’s Box, looking down at the Ingall’s Creek valley. This was the only time he stopped moving all day! Argonaut Peak looks like a great mountain climb.