<font size=+3>Patrick and I</font> had promised to find time and go hiking in the fall, and our chance finally arose. The weather was grim through most of September (apparently the wettest in 10 years), so I hoped that an east-side destination would provide rain-free hiking. Patrick correctly predicted general clearing, and when this happened even on the west side of the crest I was amazed (perhaps a little “crestfallen” too, considering the long drive past Roslyn and such places!). The hike is straightforward, although we managed to lose the trail right at the start! “This can’t be it, right?” Finding the trail again, we set off at a brisk pace, and reached the pass to great views of Mt. Daniel being slowly engulfed by cloud.

Patrick rounding our scramble peak.

Deciding the hike was too short for us, we scrambled up the first peak on the ridge to the south. A foreboding mine shaft gave me the shivers - you couldn’t see the bottom beyond a latticework of rotten timbers half-suspended in the shaft. After a quick lesson in rock climbing, we wandered higher, finding an intriguing ledge system on the east side of the ridge with overhangs beetling above. We finally turned around shy of the summit after I started climbing 5th class terrain and thought better of it (Patrick was wisely dubious of the finger traverse where a section of ledge had crumbled away!).

Fun, exposed scrambling.

After a visit to a nearby lake, we started pack, a bit startled by a party led by a visionary figure with long flowing locks of gray hair, and a hoarse voice excitedly describing “The Cradle” to the east. Had we seen Harvey Manning? On the way down we continued fun conversation about China, France, pedagogy, and sports cars. Looking forward to next time!

The lake, gloomy under clouds.

A look down to the valley.