Snow hike with Steve

Steve K. and I went for a morning hike on the Kramerspitze. Steve lived in Portland before Munich, and we had a lot of hikes in the Columbia Gorge in common. Now a very busy father of three boys, he hasn’t been able to hike much. So it was a great boon that we had a blue sky morning to do it.

We made quick progress on the lower trail, as it was completely snowfree. This is very unusual for this time of year! We were quite high when we finally hit permanent snow, and then slowed down some. We had a turn around time of 10 am, so we reached the ridge crest around that time and called it good. We sat and looked around, enjoying the scenery very much.

On the way down, we stopped at the hut for a Radler. What a cool morning out!

The summit was still a ways away

A snowy perch

Steve at our highpoint, the ridgecrest

The Loisach caldron, with Garmisch-Partenkirchen

Along the way

The Hoellental with the Waxenstein in front.

Steve at a perch to contemplate the world