19 Sep 2008

The Breitachklamm

During our 5 day stay in Bad Hindelang, one day was pretty cloudy. Nearby, the Breitachklamm advertised itself as being perfect for a rainy day. In the car, family!

After 30 minutes we were there. Deep river canyon formations seem to happen a lot in the Northern Limestone Alps (a chain roughly from Salzburg in the east to the Swiss border in the west). They are called “klamms” in German, and for 100 years or so many of them have been developed for tourism. Tunnels and walkways lead through the canyon, bringing you very close to rushing white water or ducking under rock overhangs. In the winter, dramatic ice cliffs form in there. The mountain town of Garmisch, for example, has two famous “klamms.”

So we thought this would be fun, but we’d have to make sure the kids held our hands for the areas where there are big drop offs. There is a guard rail, but it’s just kind of an advisory rail.

We enjoyed it a lot. We had a little problem when Elijah put his foot down and didn’t want to hold hands. But he came to see reason, and we could continue. We didn’t go all the way through, but I think we saw all the spectacularly steep and dramatic parts of the canyon. Mom has been doing more walking here than in a month of Sundays, and this day was no exception!

Here are some pictures:

The rest are here.