23 Oct 2010

Secret Karwendel hiking

Josef had an idea for a hike that pieced together bits of trail and ridge crest in the northern “pre-Karwendel” part of the range. We thought we’d see as far as we could get. There was a lot of snow for this time of year, and once on the ridge crest we were post-holing quite a bit. The views were fantastic though, however a cloud and cold wind hovered above us, and the best option was to keep moving.

Oddly enough, one other fella was out on this day with the same idea. We bagged a few peaks on the ridge together then Josef and I continued on. He didn’t know how far we’d get, but he knew a way down from a previous attempt.

We ended up descending the same way as Josef did beftore due to the late hour and heavy snow. It might be a long ways further before we could safely head down into a valley. Thanks for the fun hike, Josef!