March, 2015

I snowshoed up the ski trail of Wallberg in fresh snow. That was fun, but I wish I had skis for the trip down! I headed back down from the lift station, running into the annoying problem that my snowshoes are pretty much broken. I switched over to the trail for the lower half down which took so much longer.

After a short rest I headed up again on the road/trail. Why not, eh? At the lift station, I took the lift down for 1800 meters elevation gain and 900 meters descent for the day.


March, 2015

Josef and I had a great time skiing up two peaks in the Kitzbühler Alps. 1500 meters up and down. Here is my gps track. We had some really nice powder on the way down. Just a great, great day!


March, 2015

Amazing Friday night moonlight ski up and down Hirschberg. My headlamp died on the way up, but no matter! The snow was fresh and powdery. What a fun little evening trip!

Ettaler Muehle Icefall (WI5)

February 10, 2015

Georg and I got out reeeally early before work to climb this nice icefall before it falls down in warm weather. We were in the dark the whole time. Georg took the first short pitch after about 10 minutes of walking from the car. Nice!

He led up some easy steps (easy WI3) to an anchor. I led the next pitch, of similar length, but a notch harder at easy WI4. I’m using the word easy so much because the climb has been very popular, and often existing tool placements could be hooked. We never saw screw holes, but it was clear the way everyone went.

After this nice pitch, Georg got the crux, a WI5 pillar that is vertical for a good distance. He climbed up cauliflowered ice petals, then placed a couple screws to protect his entry into steep terrain. Following, I enjoyed the pitch very much, though my right index finger nearly froze somehow! I warmed up at the bolt-anchor belay, then led the final pitch. It was solid WI4, with a short vertical section bedeviled by weeping, running water and some rotten ice. I guess it’s a good thing we didn’t come later in the day! Foolishly, I dropped the second screw I placed, leaving me with only four screws for the pitch. At the end, I had to really run it out!

We gained the top, and it got light as Georg came up. Nice! Two quick double rope rappels and we were at the packs. Back in Munich by 9:30!