25 Jun 2016

Absamer Klettersteig and Bettelwurf

I decided to hike up the Bettelwurf on this fine day. On the way, I wasn’t sure how to reach the Bettelwurfhütte, but I knew I wanted to stop there for some lunch.

I saw that a trail should go right up to the hut, so I crossed the river and began walking up, only later realizing it was the Absamer Klettersteig, which I’d heard was very long and good fun.

Some fellas were standing at the base. I asked what the grade of the route was, and it seemed within my soloing ability, so I just started up.

There was a long period of traversing followed by an exciting ladder on a vertical cliff. Higher, I remember the famous natural bridge. Later, Barbara sent me a picture that a friend of hers took, and I said “Ah, I’ve been there…we should go together!”

A natural bridge on the Absamer Klettersteig. (link)

The Bettelwurf Hütte. (link)

The upper part of the Klettersteig was long and moderate, then I walked a trail through latschen to the hut. I had Spinatknödel and a beer, yum!



The trail to the Bettelwurf from here was long, but increasingly interesting. Much scrambling over rocks. The views to the north from the summit were especially good. Many Karwendel valleys…

Views to the north. (link)

The Bettelwurf summit. (link)

Me on top. (link)

Yet another panorama. (link)

On the way down I was baking in the heat. It felt like the latschen bushes around me were just going to catch fire.

On the descent, brutally hot! (link)

Goodbye to this steep and wild valley… (link)

Long day…about 1900 meters up and down…