15 May 2016

Brandenburg Alps Hiking


I wanted to introduce Barbara to a longer hike, so we headed to the Brandenburger Alps to climb some south slopes above the Inn. Usually they are free of snow much sooner than other aspects in the area.

We followed a steep trail passed a beautiful waterfall.



Barbara’s Boulder Problem (link)

Patches of sun must be recorded! (link)


Forest monster! (link)

Eventually we reached the hut, and the amount of snow that loomed in the Rofan Mountains above us convinced us to stop here. We ate some snacks and had a fantastic conversation. We followed a different way back, traversing a hillside with plenty of rocks to boulder around in.

Roughly 1000 meters up and down.


Barbara and I hiked up the Plessenberg, also called Blessenberg. We started from the little village of Schönau, following steep trail passed the Ruraalm to the Ascherjöchl. Here, we followed the ridge to the Plessenberg, dealing with some snow at the end. Then, hilariously, on the summit it started snowing hard!

Soon we were hiking down the west side of the mountain to the Jocheralm. Just below we found a trail that led down and back to the car on the south forested slope of the mountain.

What a fantastic day out…about 1200 meters up and down.

Strolling to Heuberg (link)

She didn’t believe we’d climb this… (link)

Brandenburger Alpen Superintendent (link)


Woergl in the distance (link)

Plessenberg summit in a snowstorm (link)