03 Sep 2016

Grosses Ochsenhorn

Barbara and I did a really, really big hike, up the Grosses Ochsenhorn. One of the highest peaks of the Leoganger Steingebirge, it required a 1700 meter climb, with some interesting and long grade II scrambling.

By the time we got back to the car, man, were we tired!

Down, down, down…

Older, not smarter

Come! Enjoy! NOW!

Rope? Pah.

Mountain! Proud, tall and erect.

The million-mushroom tree

Old but not dead, yallz.

The top.

The pregnancy is almost to term!

I can’t take her anywhere.

Um…okay it’s a rock was a silly hiding lady

It went on and on…

“Oh man, how am I gonna get down?”

Caught her by surprise.

Couple of pirates…

Look - a Maus!

We saw a few other climbers on the way up.