Elijah and I spent 5 days in the Seiser Alm. It was a fantastic trip!

Langkofel from our place

Spaghetti for dinner

Near the Hexenbänke

A look into val Gardena

That’s my boy

We eat angrily

Where to go today?

The Schlernhaus

A run up the local peak

The Schlern from our place

“On belay!” WTF?

Kaiserscharrn, what else?

In front of our rock climb

Super weather


Intruiging valleys

Looking back to the Alm

The Langkofel again

Looking to Bolzano

We were sitting at a random house


Me on top

We had the whole park to ourselves

The folks who live here…

On another summit, ho hum.

Elijah likes to zoom in

We made a cat toy

Look, fake snow

Elijah cooking

Looking west from Schlern

Elijah on top

A viper

Another great hiking day

Last night

OMG, let’s get out of here

Elijah found an antler

The Vajolet Towers


Hilarious cartoons by Elijah


Animated sequence

A neat bridge

Elijah is a good hiker

Jealously guarding his schnitzel

Viper poised to attack

Ostwand, III

I love these meadows…