22 May 2016

Soiernhaus Overnight

Into the Soierngruppe (link)

Me and the boys spent the weekend at the Soiernhaus. I’d never been into this group, and was a bit daunted by the long road-walk to reach the Lakeinsteig, where hiking to the hut really begins.

Elijah’s invention (link)

Rowan at the Fischbachalm (link)

It’s a frustrating place to reach. First, long, long! road. Then the Lakeinsteig mostly traverses hillside, with the Soiernhaus in sight for a very long time before you reach it…and it often seems to get even further away due to the way your trail dips in and out of many indentations in the mountainside.

At the hut we had a good time playing chess. My plan was to climb the Schöttelkarspitze the next day, and drop back down to the car at Krün, but there was too much snow to feel good about it. So we had to reverse our route, ugh!

But we had a good time in the rain on the long road. We made up a joke where people are in a giant ball rolling down the hillside, in which they’ve foolishly installed a window-unit air conditioner. We acted the part when the air-conditioner inevitably came free from it’s screws and began bashing around inside the giant ball.

We laughed and laughed. What a good time…!

Our hut is in there… (link)

An exciting trail… (link)

Chess! (link)

They loved chess! (link)