07 Aug 2004

Pickets Range Play-Actors

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The Players

Here are Aidan, Theron and Michael on Wiley Ridge, happy to be finished with bushwhacking and yellowjacket stings!

Aidan Haley, enjoying the sunset at Picket Pass. When he is along, our vocabulary gets a decided “gangsta” tone. He comes to the mountains to share them with friends, and we are luckier for it.

Theron Welch where the rock gets good on Mount Fury. He sees Orcs and Wizards around every corner, and this keeps him heading out into the Cascades for more punishment all summer long. “Not all who wander are lost.”

Michael Stanton warms his hands on Mount Challenger. Like Theron, he sees the mountains as populated by magic and demons. If they ever become just rocks and snow, he’ll probably stay home and play with his extensive Star Wars collection.

We had a most important “virtual teammate” in the form of guidebooks, maps, emails from friends on CascadeClimbers.com, and inspiring photos that give energy to a great trip like this. On the left, Aidan and Michael absorb all they can before dropping into Luna Cirque.