Trip reports

In the mountains I experience the joy of existence more sharply than anywhere else. I try to bring a time capsule back home with me in the form of these reports. It's a pale reflection of what was! But it's fun to do.

I have trips in a map as well if you'd like to look by location.

Date Description Notes
February, 2018 The Lampsenspitz and Hoher Seeblaskogel
February, 2018 The Schöntalspitze
January, 2018 Jenbach peaks Weekend of snowshoeing
January, 2018 Hohe Kiste attempt
January, 2018 Short Reports 2018
October, 2017 Woelkenstein climbing with Barbara
October, 2017 Berchtesgaden climbing with Barbara
August, 2017 Cinque Torri Climbing with Barbara and Chris
July, 2017 Narrenkopf
July, 2017 Schöntalspitze A first 3000er for the boys
June, 2017 Dristner part of a Zillertal vacation
May, 2017 A few hikes
April, 2017 Rucola on the Martinswand (V+/VI-) with Barbara
January, 2017 Wendelstein winter hike
January, 2017 Short Reports 2017
November, 2016 Seiser Alm trip with Elijah
October, 2016 Maukspitze with Barbara
September, 2016 Grosses Ochsenhorn with Barbara
August, 2016 KG Weg with Barbara
August, 2016 Kasnapoff Route (V, 10 pitches) with Steve and Ever
August, 2016 Dolomites with Barbara
August, 2016 Ankogel Mountains Traverse with the boys
July, 2016 Hintere Goinger Halt with Barbara
June, 2016 Absamer Klettersteig and Bettelwurf
May, 2016 Anfaenger Freuden (V) with Barbara
May, 2016 Soiernhaus Overnight with the boys
May, 2016 Brandenburg Alps Hiking with Barbara
May, 2016 Zams climbing with Barbara
January, 2016 Short Reports 2016
May, 2015 Brandenberg Training Day with Jakob
February, 2015 Rubihorn Nordwand with Timo
February, 2015 Samerschlag with Josef and Benoit
January, 2015 From Munich to Dietramszell long, long walk
January, 2015 Short Reports 2015
October, 2014 Habicht with Danno
October, 2014 Innsbrucker Klettersteig with Rowan
October, 2014 Oktowasunn (VII-) on the Vorderer Karlspitze
September, 2014 Tridentina with family and Cesar!
September, 2014 The Lechtal Directors Cut Amazing journey...
August, 2014 Treffauer Jubiläumsweg 2000 with Georg
August, 2014 La Meije Attempt with Georg
August, 2014 Hiking in the Vanoise 4 days alone
August, 2014 Ailefroide rock and Dent d'Herens with Pete!
July, 2014 Hiking in the Pfunderer Berge
July, 2014 Scheffauer
July, 2014 Zwölferkopf and a night out
July, 2014 The Lamsenjoch weekend
June, 2014 Kleine Trichter (attempt) with Lane
June, 2014 Predigtstuhl Nordkante (IV+) with Riki
June, 2014 Abrams Route (VII-) and Sella Towers with Goran and Robert
May, 2014 Hochfernerspitze, Griessferner Glacier with Georg
May, 2014 Tannheimer rock climbs with Benoit
March, 2014 Hochfeiler North Face
January, 2014 Short Reports 2014
October, 2013 The Zugspitze via the Stopselsteig
August, 2013 Bauernpredigtstuhl Climbing
August, 2013 Watzmann, East Face fun solo trip
August, 2013 Jungfrau, Rottal Ridge with Georg
August, 2013 Mount Maudit, Frontier Ridge with Pete and Georg
August, 2013 The Dolomites with Steph Abegg
July, 2013 Sternschnuppe, VI+/A0, 11 pitches
July, 2013 Fleischbank Ostwand (VI/A0, 15 pitches)
April, 2013 5 days in the snow
March, 2013 Skiing, Darin and Hochgern
March, 2013 Dolomites Ice Climbing
January, 2013 Geierfall (WI4-5)
January, 2013 Short Reports 2013
September, 2012 Ellmauer Halt hike
September, 2012 Mitterhorn hike
August, 2012 Western Alps, part 2 with Georg
August, 2012 Western Alps, part 1 with Georg
August, 2012 The Christakante (VI+)
July, 2012 Morning hike on Kopftörlgrat
July, 2012 Cinque Torri
June, 2012 Val Gardena Fun
June, 2012 Herzschlag der Leidenschaft (VI+/A0)
May, 2012 Steinplatte climbing with Georg
May, 2012 Hochferner Nordwand
May, 2012 Untersberg adventure hike
April, 2012 Leutascher Dreitorspitze
March, 2012 Taschachwand and Petersenspitze with Georg and Timo
March, 2012 Pitztal ice with Georg
March, 2012 Great skiing day
January, 2012 Zwieselbacher Rosskogel
January, 2012 Schoentalspitze ski
January, 2012 Short Reports 2012
November, 2011 South Faces with Wayne
October, 2011 Wilde Leck (IV-)
September, 2011 Rosengartenspitze, Ostwand "Steger"
August, 2011 Alpstein Marathon (6b+, 21 pitches)
August, 2011 Ober Gabelhorn, Zinalrothorn with Pete
August, 2011 Predigtstuhl Nordkante (IV)
June, 2011 The Vajolet Towers and Punta Emma
June, 2011 Night hike in the Rofangebirge
June, 2011 Alpspitze with Brecht
May, 2011 Kampenwand with Uli
April, 2011 Slovenia climbing with Borut
April, 2011 Gimpelvorbau climbing with Sebastian
March, 2011 Skiing in the Jamtal
February, 2011 Luisbodenfall (WI 4/4+)
February, 2011 Easy Ice Climbing in Tyrol with Dan
February, 2011 Jochberg Right Gully (WI3)
January, 2011 More Stubai skiing
January, 2011 Short Reports 2011
January, 2011 New Year's Stubai Skiing
December, 2010 Pu'u Konahuanui
November, 2010 The Ammergau "Director's Cut" route
November, 2010 Kranzhorn hike
October, 2010 The Montscheinspitze
October, 2010 Secret Karwendel hiking
August, 2010 Family trip to the Frischmannhütte
August, 2010 Langkofel "Ramp Route" accident right below the summit
August, 2010 Family trip to the Westfalenhaus
August, 2010 Torre Comici, Casara Route attempt, with Jesse
August, 2010 Tofana, First Pillar (V+) with Jesse
August, 2010 Paternkofel, Northwest Ridge (Bolte/Wolf), IV (7 pitches)
August, 2010 Pala del Rifugio, "Castiglioni/Destassis" with Jesse
August, 2010 Kleine Zinne, Yellow Edge (VI+) with Jesse
July, 2010 Totenkirchl West Wall with Jesse
June, 2010 Zugspitze and others three solo peaks
May, 2010 Burschlwand climbing with Stephan really fun!
April, 2010 Lüsenser Spitze and hiking
April, 2010 Buchstein Climbing
February, 2010 Kuhscheibe with Christian
January, 2010 Short Reports 2010
December, 2009 Via Romantica (VI+) with Uli
October, 2009 Sas Ciampac and Sella Towers
September, 2009 Texel Range Deathmarch Weekend
August, 2009 Mont Blanc, Innominata Ridge
July, 2009 Pordoispitze "Via Fedele" 26 pitches!
July, 2009 Tofana, Costantini/Ghedina Route (VI-) with Dan
July, 2009 Third Sella Tower "Vinatzer," etc. with Danno and Garon
June, 2009 Schuesselkarspitze "Peters/Haringer" with Dan
June, 2009 Ortler, North Face with Dan
May, 2009 Chamonix, climb and ski Modest introduction to Cham
April, 2009 Martinswand, Auckenthaler Riss with Dan and Uli
April, 2009 Fun times in Riva
January, 2009 Short Reports 2009
December, 2008 Ice Climbing in La Grave/Arolla Great learning with Dan
November, 2008 Owens River Gorge Great weekend with Rick P.
November, 2008 Two hikes with the boys
October, 2008 Martinswand Ostriss and others
October, 2008 Lago di Garda
October, 2008 Innsbrucker Klettersteig With Nancy
September, 2008 Gimpel, New NE Ridge Also "Via Anita" and "Paradies"
September, 2008 The Wallbergbahn
September, 2008 The Breitachklamm
September, 2008 Mom and I visit the Dolomites (briefly!)
September, 2008 Bad Hindelang
August, 2008 Laliderer Spitze, North Ridge
July, 2008 The Matterhorn, Hoernligrat with Theron Welch
July, 2008 Pale di San Martino, Gran Pilaster Part of our long Italy trip
July, 2008 Fünffingerspitze, complete traverse With Theron and Carlos
June, 2008 Great time in Zermatt
June, 2008 Geiselstein Nordwand
May, 2008 Punta Fiames, Jori Arete with Dan Protz
May, 2008 Similaun ski
April, 2008 Hinterer Brunnenkogel With Dan
March, 2008 Ski touring with Silas
February, 2008 Piz Buin and others
January, 2008 Snowshoeing in the Allgaeu Alps
January, 2008 Zischgeles skiing and Sellrain ice climbing
January, 2008 Short Reports 2008
October, 2007 Fasul Valley Deathmarch with Josef
September, 2007 Hoellentorkopf, North Ridge also the Imster Klettersteig
August, 2007 The Campanile Basso Fehrmann/Preuss (V, 18 pitches)
August, 2007 Totenkirchl, "Totenkirchl-Express"
July, 2007 Grossglockner, Stuedlgrat
July, 2007 Ortler, Hintergrat
May, 2007 Fleischbank, "Via Classica"
April, 2007 The Wildspitze North Face
April, 2007 The Hochwiesler and others...
March, 2007 Gimpel Suedostkamin
February, 2007 Piz Palü, Nordwand Ostpfeiler
February, 2007 The Jubilaeumsgrat
February, 2007 The Kramerspitz with Steve Knipple
February, 2007 The Hohe Munde (attempt) deep snow!
January, 2007 Short Reports 2007
December, 2006 The Zugspitze winter Hoellental solo
December, 2006 Likeke Trail
December, 2006 The Haiku Stairs fascinating Oahu hike
November, 2006 Vorderer Tajakopf
October, 2006 Grohmannspitze, South Face with Daniel, beautiful place!
October, 2006 Westfalenhaus hike with Joey and Arwin
September, 2006 Lamsenspitze with Danno, really fun!
September, 2006 The Grunduebelhorn, South Ridge 20 pitches with Josef
August, 2006 The Walker's Haute Route
August, 2006 Grossglockner attempt woefully unprepared
August, 2006 Stubaier Hoehenweg rainy day hike
July, 2006 Predigtstuhl Nordkante The Wilder Kaiser!
June, 2006 The Alpspitze via KG Weg (IV+)
June, 2006 Amazonia and Monte Casale with Cyrille
May, 2006 Mittenwalder Klettersteig a valiant attempt
May, 2006 Längentaler Weißer Kogel ski trip
April, 2006 Gleirschtal Valley
March, 2006 Roter Kogel fun ski with Riki
January, 2006 Short Reports 2006
December, 2005 Feldalphorn first ski tour!
November, 2005 Weißschrofenspitze klettersteig
November, 2005 Grosse Ochsenwand klettersteig
November, 2005 Rofanspitze fun hike
September, 2005 Snowking Mountain farewell with friends
August, 2005 Matriarch-Grimface Traverse
August, 2005 Sleese Mountain, NE Buttress one of the best
July, 2005 Mount Redoubt Northeast Face
June, 2005 Colchuck Peak, NE Buttress adventurous day
May, 2005 Mount Rainier fun attempt with Carlos
April, 2005 Cutthroat Peak with Alex!
March, 2005 Baring Peak
January, 2005 Short Reports 2005
September, 2004 Mount Constance
September, 2004 Tomyhoi Peak and Yellow Aster Butte
September, 2004 Paddy Go Easy Pass
August, 2004 The Brecon Beacons, Wales adventuresome day hike
August, 2004 Pickets Range Traverse Challenger, Fury and Terror
July, 2004 Mount Stuart North Ridge
July, 2004 Johannesburg Mountain, NE Rib lotta effort!
July, 2004 Lake Ann Camping with family
July, 2004 Burgundy Spire and Paisano Pinnacle!
July, 2004 Monte Cristo Peak attempt, too foggy
June, 2004 Merchant Peak
June, 2004 Dragontail Peak Serpentine Arete (5.8)
May, 2004 Tieton Gorge Climbing
May, 2004 Stuart Glacier Couloir
April, 2004 Snow Creek Wall Outer Space
March, 2004 Vantage/Leavenworth Climbing
March, 2004 Whitehorse Mountain via Snow Gulch
January, 2004 Short Reports 2004
October, 2003 Ruth Mountain
October, 2003 West McMillan Spire
August, 2003 Mount Sir Donald, NE Arete with Mark, Robert
August, 2003 The Ptarmigan Traverse 6 days, with Theron
August, 2003 The Bugaboos with Mark, Robert
August, 2003 Sloan Peak, West Face
July, 2003 Mount Triumph
July, 2003 Guye Peak, West Face The Improbable Traverse
June, 2003 The Sierras Bear Creek Spire, Matthes Crest, others, with Aidan
June, 2003 Mount Baker, North Ridge
May, 2003 Cashmere Mountain
May, 2003 Leavenworth Climbing
May, 2003 Argonaut Peak (attempt)
April, 2003 Leavenworth Climbing Kris's birthday party
April, 2003 Dragontail Peak Triple Couloirs
March, 2003 Vantage Climbing 3 days of rock climbing
January, 2003 The Tooth in Winter
January, 2003 Chair Peak
January, 2003 Short Reports 2003
December, 2002 Three O'Clock Rock Silent Running (5.10b)
November, 2002 Kaleetan Peak South Ridge
October, 2002 North Twin Sister, West Ridge
September, 2002 Cutthroat Peak South Buttress
September, 2002 Washington Pass climbing SEW Spire and Concord Tower
August, 2002 Langkofel North Ridge
August, 2002 Forbidden Peak North Ridge
July, 2002 Mount Goode Northeast Buttress
July, 2002 Glacier Peak, Frostbite Ridge solo climb
June, 2002 The Tooth
June, 2002 Liberty Bell, Liberty Crack rained out
June, 2002 Mount Stuart Ice Cliff Glacier
June, 2002 Green Giant Buttress Dreamer (5.9)
June, 2002 The Tooth
June, 2002 Gunn Peak
May, 2002 South Brother South Couloir
March, 2002 Mount Hood Leuthold's Couloir
March, 2002 Chair Peak North Face
February, 2002 Mount Rainier turned around at 14,000
January, 2002 Mount Kent attempt
January, 2002 Short Reports 2002
December, 2001 Red Mountain
December, 2001 Silver and Abiel Peaks
November, 2001 Mount Ka'ala
November, 2001 Olomana Peak
September, 2001 Black Peak, Northeast Ridge
September, 2001 Lundin Peak East Ridge
September, 2001 Methow Inspiration Route
September, 2001 Mount Baker Hiking with Kris
September, 2001 Vesper Peak North Face
August, 2001 Sloan Peak
August, 2001 Slippery Slab Tower
August, 2001 Mesahchie Peak, North Ridge
August, 2001 Mt. Index, North Peak North Face
August, 2001 Easy Ridge Mount Challenger attempt
June, 2001 The Dolomites, Italy
June, 2001 Fortress and Chiwawa Mountains day trip!
June, 2001 Guye Peak South Rib
May, 2001 Dragontail Peak reached Pandora's Box
April, 2001 Snow Creek Wall, Orbit
April, 2001 Icicle Ridge
March, 2001 Guye Peak South Gully
February, 2001 Chair Peak, NE Buttress attempt, soft snow
February, 2001 Mineral Butte avy danger
February, 2001 Mount Dickerman
January, 2001 Banks Lake Ice Climbing ice climbing
January, 2001 Sperry Peak ran out of time
January, 2001 Short Trips 2001
November, 2000 Colchuck Peak (Attempt)
October, 2000 Mount Thomson West Ridge
October, 2000 Columbia Peak, Northwest Ridge
October, 2000 Index, City Park first aid climb
September, 2000 Del Campo Peak new route!
September, 2000 Spray Park Observation, Hessog
September, 2000 Sahale Peak
August, 2000 City of Rocks on the Tetons trip
August, 2000 The Grand Teton, Exum Ridge
August, 2000 Symmetry Spire Southwest Ridge
August, 2000 Mount Teewinot
August, 2000 Storm Point, Guide's Wall
June, 2000 Prusik Peak West Ridge
May, 2000 Leavenworth Climbing
May, 2000 Silver Star Mountain
May, 2000 Icicle Creek Climbing with Kris
May, 2000 Eldorado Peak
April, 2000 Red Rocks, Nevada with Kris
April, 2000 Smith Rocks with Kris and Steve
February, 2000 Whitehorse Mountain out of time
February, 2000 Mount Persis
January, 2000 Short Reports 2000
October, 1999 Red Rocks "Catwalk"
October, 1999 Red Rocks "Cat in the Hat"
October, 1999 Mount Thomson
September, 1999 Mount Adams stormed off
July, 1999 Mount Stuart, West Ridge first alpine climb!
July, 1999 Mount Shuksan Sulphide Glacier
June, 1999 Middle Cathedral Rock+East Buttress
June, 1999 Half Dome "Snake Dike"
June, 1999 Manure Pile Buttress "The Nutcracker"
June, 1999 The Royal Arches
June, 1999 Liberty Bell/South Early Winters Spire
May, 1999 Washington Pass Liberty Bell, SEW Spire
May, 1999 Leavenworth and Vantage
March, 1999 Smith Rocks first climbing trip there
March, 1999 Index "Great Northern Slab"
January, 1999 Short Reports 1999
November, 1998 Aasgard Pass Hike
October, 1998 Sloan/Bedal Peak Explorations too hard
October, 1998 Leavenworth Clibing
September, 1998 Icicle Creek Climbing first rock climbing trip!
September, 1998 Three Fingers Mountain south summit
September, 1998 Clark Mountain Attempt crevassed out
August, 1998 Mt. Daniel Attempt rained out
July, 1998 Gothic Basin with nephews
July, 1998 Clark Mountain Attempt rained out
June, 1998 Eldorado Peak
May, 1998 Mount Hood
January, 1998 Short Reports 1998
December, 1997 Eagle Creek and Ruckle Ridge with Kris
November, 1997 Mt. Timpanogos Attempt ran out of time
July, 1997 Middle Sister
July, 1997 AAI Basic Mountaineering Course
June, 1997 Ruckle Ridge
May, 1997 Mount Saint Helens first climb!
April, 1997 Mount Defiance
March, 1997 Elk Mountain