08 Jul 2017


The boys and I stayed in the Westfalenhaus Saturday night and climbed the Schöntalspitze Sunday. On the way down, we followed a trail to Praxmar for a while, as it snaked around the east side of the peak at about 2600 meters elevation. We left the trail at some beautiful little ponds above the Schöntalbach and descended the moraine that is such a prominent feature of this valley.

Found a heart (link)

Rowan (link)

Elijah (link)

Summit of the Schöntalspitze (link)

I realized that this is the ski tour way up the Schöntalspitze in the winter, ha!

Things got messy near the little pump station at 1800 meters…we were fighting brush in a direct descent of the creek. But soon we were back at the car and the kids were eager to go get a Coke at the gas station!

A waxing Equinamity (link)

Rowan approaches a steep pass (link)

Elijah descends a moraine (link)

Gorgeous country (link)

Slopes of the Oberstkogel (link)

The Längental (link)

Okay… (link)

Elijah jumping on snow (link)

A gorgeous little stream (link)