14 Jun 2017


Dristner from a distance (link)

Me and the boys stayed in Dornauberg for 5 days in a Ferienwohnung. Mostly I let them take it easy, but one day we hiked to the Olperer Hütte.

We stopped for water here (link)

Waiting for sheep (link)

We also did a Klettersteig near Mayrhofen (though I forgot the name). It was crazy hot! But kinda fun. :)




I later made a “Mountain Page” for Dristner at Summitpost.org, you can check it out here.

During the stay I got obsessed with the mountain Dristner which can be climbed right from town. There was a Klettersteig at the base of the mountain which I soloed one evening. Pretty fun! I made a 1 hour exploratory hike up the steep forested ridge, then came back two days later to do the whole thing. While the boys slept hard after playing video games on my computer the night before I set off up the trail.

After a good long ways, I reached two buildings, one of which had a spring to refill my water bottle, yay!

From here, the trail gets quite steep, especially once it’s on the ridge proper. I would not want to be here when the grass is wet!

Looking south from Tristner (link)

A spur of the North Ridge (link)


On the way up (link)

The upper South Ridge (link)

Mayrhofen (link)

The ridge like a wave… (link)

Steep trail below Dristner (link)

A rock wall on the trail (link)

Flowers on the trail (link)

I’d love to climb the mountain from Mayrhofen one day. From Dornau, it was already 1750 meters elevation gain and loss…that could be made bigger by starting lower!